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Leistritz AG was founded in 1905 as a family enterprise, headquarters in Nuremberg/Germany,.It is still an owner operated company today with four business Units,employ approx. 1,900 staff in the various locations worldwide.

Turbine Technology :

Turbine blades for the aviation and aerospace industry,

Pump Technology :

Screw pumps for sectors such as oil and gas, the chemical industry and shipbuilding,

Extrusion Technology :

Twin screw extruders for the plastics and pharmaceuticals industry.

Production Technology :

Tools/machine tools for the automotive industry

Extrusion Technology :

When screw pumps for pumping viscous masses were further developed at Leistritz nearly 80 years ago, it was barely imaginable that the present high-performance extruders would be the result. At the headquarters in Nuremberg/Germany, Leistirz produce ZSE Maxx Series co-rotating twin screw extruders and turn-key extrusion lines for the plastics and pharmaceutical industry. The heart of the extruders – the screws and barrels – are produced in the German Leistritz factories, without exception. The basis for this is the implementation of modern technologies, but particularly the nearly 200 employees worldwide – a dedicated team that stands behind the product. With branches in the USA, China and Singapore, sales offices in Italy and France and agents in all key markets, Leistriz have a global presence. At China/Taicang Leistritz manufacturer series ZSE CC. Following the motto “ German Engineering and design – Qualified Chinese soucing for plastic masterbatch & compounding Industries . In-house, process labs in Nuremberg (Germany), Somerville (USA) ,Taicang (China)& Demo line ( India)

Application :

Plastic Industries

Direct Extrusions
Reactive Extrusions

Pharma & Food Industries

Incorporation Actives in a cellulose metrix
Transdermal Applications
Melt Extrusion
Wet Extrusion

Our Machines

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Pharma- and Food Extrusion

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