Polymetrix Solutions

Your Center of Excellence

Polymetrix understands that owning and operating a fully integrated demo lab is a costly expense, but critical to a successful technology practice. That’s why we’ve invested in building it for you. We give you access to our top products and solutions. Polymetrix Solutions provides a Class 1, Laboratory for customers to test their products on our line of process equipment. The lab has been set up with Leistritz’s Twin screw Extruder-Model -ZSE 27CC-44D, Lab High Speed Mixer, Spectrophotometer, Injection Moulding Machine -50T, Moisture Tester, Muffle Furness, Lab Blown Film Line and many more. Polymetrix offers a full range of analytical equipment to evaluate samples in real time and provide instantaneous feedback on testing. Our lab can demonstrate viability of a process and/or evaluate formulations, and establish optimal process parameters for potential scale-up.

Lab Facilities

Services Offered :

  • Evaluate existing or new formulations
  • Establish process parameters for scale-up
  • Trouble-shoot existing processes
  • Optimize formulations and/or processes
  • Lab reports and documentation